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PRMS (Pressure reduction and metering system)

Ancillary products.

PRMS is part of the supply for plants in Italy connected to SNAM methane pipelines. Therefore design and sizing are subject to company approval and must also comply with the R.E.M.I. standard.

• The pressure of these systems varies from 1 to 70 bar.
• It can be placed on the forecourt and protected by a simple fence, or in a dedicated room in the relevant building.
• It allows the continuous supply of gas, therefore it is suitable in all industrial applications and in the automotive CNG market.
• The turnkey solution has one or two stages of reduction and the gas is pre-heated before the pressure is reduced.

Upon request, SAFE can provide the following:

• A redundant system that ensures continuous operation even during maintenance activities
• Installation on a cylinder trailer
• Remote control
• Odorisation system



Dry natural gas

Maximum dew point - °C


Suction pressure - barG

10 -> 250

Suction temperature - °C


Discharge pressure - barG

1 -> 70

Flow rate - Sm3/hour

500 -> 9.000

Cylinder features

Oil cooled

Pressure regulation

2 jump change

Gas heating

Natural gas combustion boiler



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