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Governments have issued a series of measures to protect the environment by imposing fines on companies that release or burn gas in the atmosphere. Gas pipeline systems and in general any system that handles natural gas must be cleaned periodically for maintenance purposes. SAFE developed a system capable of recovering the gas by compressing it in the operating network or in other processes.

Customer request:
A compact and flexible solution was requested, capable of recovering and subsequently compressing gas in the operating pipeline with the following specifications:

Suction pressure (barG)

From 63 to 3

Suction temperature (°C)


Discharge pressure (barG)


Maximum flow rate required at 63 barG of suction pressure (Sm3/hour)


Advantages and features of the SAFE solution:

High flexibility and efficiency: Compact turnkey solution capable of recovering natural gas and redirecting it into the pipeline; it consists of a single skid with a flexible and efficient SAFE SW series compressor coupled to an electric motor and equipped with a compact cooling system mounted on the same skid for cooling the gas at each compression stage. The compressor unit is capable of operating with different suction pressures (from 63 to 3 barG) because it can switch from one stage to two or three stages by following the suction pressure as it decreases from the maximum value (63 barG) to the minimum value (3 barG) and excluding the specific cylinder in operation, with a flow rate of 12,000 Sm3/hour at a suction pressure of 63 barG.

It guarantees the highest safety standards: The solution is fully packaged inside a soundproof and weatherproof container with firefighting and fire&gas detection systems.

Functional design for maintenance: The lifting crane installed on the compressor skid allows the Customer to reduce maintenance time; a customised turnkey solution fully tested in-house before shipment. All installation, commissioning and start-up activities are carried out by SAFE technicians on site.


Gas Treatment / CNG




Gas recovery during maintenance operations on a section of pipeline