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Gas recovery ensures a healthy environment because natural gas is a greenhouse gas and if released into the atmosphere, contributes to expansion of the ozone hole. It is responsible for about 10% of the greenhouse effect and is able to retain heat 30 times more than CO2.

Customer specifications:

Gas leaks

None (as per local legislation)

Number of main stations


Numero di stazioni principali


Redundancy (no. Back-up stations)


Fast refuelling redundancy

Direct line

Advantages and features of the SAFE solution:

• Zero emissions
No leaks of gas are released into the atmosphere. Any gas leaks from dispensers or refuelling points that may occur during compression are recovered and recycled on the suction side of the compressor. This is made possible by a closed circuit consisting of a tank that recovers the gas (otherwise vented to the atmosphere), which is recycled and then compressed by another two small compressors from another OEM capable of operating at low suction pressure - from 2 to 15 barG.

• Extremely flexible with high availability
The proposed solution allows enormous operational flexibility according to refuelling demands. It can switch from slow fill, to refuel all the buses simultaneously overnight, to fast fill in order to quickly refuel buses at any time, thanks to three levels of storage pressure. In addition, when storage is not full, a direct line for fast filling is available.

• Maximum guaranteed capacity
The facility consists of 2 main stations and 1 backup station, with 8 SW SAFE series compressors, 6 fast fill dispensers and 320 slow fill refuelling points, capable of refuelling up to 300 buses every night.






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