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Making natural gas available in areas far from the distribution network is a critical part of the journey to cleaner world in transport and industry. The Virtual Pipeline makes compressed natural gas fully available in areas that the distribution network does not reach. Scotland is an excellent example of environmental protection in the industrial sector, with the conversion of 3 distilleries outside the gas grid network using the Virtual Pipeline solution.

Customer request:

Maximum operating pressure of the gas pipeline - barG


Mother station (onload): Discharge pressure - barG


Mother station (onload): Trailer loading bays


Mother station (onload): Compression units

1 + 1 in standby

Virtual pipeline (offload): pressure reduction system


Virtual pipeline (offload): Outlet pressure downstream of the reduction system - barG


Advantages and features of the SAFE solution:
SAFE implemented a versatile and reliable “onload” and “offload” integrated solution that guarantees maximum autonomy, capacity and distribution of compressed natural gas in remote areas 24/7.

Onload is guaranteed by the supply of two soundproofed and weatherproof M6 microbox enclosures, inside which a compressor train was installed consisting of an SW series compressor capable of operating across a wide range of suction pressures, coupled to an electric motor with a power of 450 kW. The compressor unit compresses the gas from 56 barG to 270 barG, reaching a maximum flow rate of 5,820 Sm3/hour.

• To ensure full reliability and availability of the solution, the compressor unit was equipped with:
① A blow-down system with a capacity of 320 litres and a maximum filling pressure of 68 barG.
② A water-based cooling system on the compressor skid that cools the gas at each stage of compression.

• To ensure that the maximum amount of gas is stored inside the cylinder trailer, we provided a cooling system that reduces the temperature of the gas downstream of the compression stage.

4 ESPH22 dispensers with electronic head and mass meter ensure maximum accuracy and reliability of refuelling.

Offloading at peripheral sites is guaranteed by the installation of highly versatile SAFE pressure reduction systems – model 1200 – designed to operate across a wide range of suction pressures (from 250 to 10 barG): the PRS (Pressure Reduction Systems) reduce the pressure in two stages, from 270 to 65 barG and from 65 to 2 barG respectively, thanks to a system of by-pass valves that allows the gas to pass directly from the first to the second stage of pressure reduction.






Virtual Pipeline