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SAFE produces integrated compression systems for the use of natural gas, providing solutions applicable to the entire natural gas and biomethane value chain. A purpose that aims to promote the use of clean energy while respecting the individual and the environment, combining experience, technological innovation and ethical awareness. Creating tailor-made solutions is the hallmark of the Bologna-based company: unique designs, built according to the specific needs of the Customer. In SAFE we guarantee the maximum flexibility and versatility of the product, adapting it for a wide range of applications.

For more than 45 years the company has been constantly committed to supporting development of the use of natural gas and biomethane with its own technologies. CNG and Biomethane are the company divisions through which SAFE meets the needs of each Customer, following each step of the customer’s unique project and providing the best possible solution. We are always looking towards the future, focussing on hydrogen as a future zero emission energy source.


SAFE has always been driven by one mission: to generate success for customers through innovative solutions with a view to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future. A better future heralded by a commitment to sustainable mobility, as a supplier and pioneer in the legislative arena. An active approach that seeks to provide technological solutions to exploit alternative energy from natural sources to realise an important vision: to promote the use of innovative and cutting-edge solutions to combat air pollution and environmental changes and to improve quality of life.


A path characterised by experience, technological innovation and sustainability that winds its way through goals achieved and products developed.


SAFE was founded in 1975 with its headquarters near the city of Bologna. It started out dealing with hydraulic systems for the production of plastic moulded products for foundries, the scrapping of presses and other applications. In 1979 it produced its first hydraulic compressor for the compressed natural gas (CNG) market in New Zealand.



The first mechanical compressor, was built in 1988, allowing the company to enter the new European and South American markets. A few years later, in 1992, the first “Oil and Gas” package was produced. During that same year, the first MRU (Mobile Refuelling Unit) - designed and assembled entirely in-house by SAFE - was produced.



The Technical Department continued working on new models of mechanical compressors and, at the same time, the new Biomethane Business Unit was established. In the meanwhile, the compressed natural gas market was also expanding in Asia and North Africa. During the early 2000s, record growth was recorded in Pakistan and Bangladesh where, between 2007 and 2008, SAFE recorded a production peak of 7/8 systems per week. This growth laid the foundations for the move to new premises that would host the first mobile station in 2008 and in 2010 the first biogas plant.



In 2011 the new headquarters was opened in Via Lamborghini in San Giovanni in Persiceto, with large structured spaces to accommodate high production volumes of CNG and “Oil and Gas” applications. This expansion soon also involved the organisational structure, and during 2012 SAFE became part of the LandiRenzo Group. Together with this renowned Group, it continued to pursue the philosophy of clean energy, implemented with respect for the individual and the environment. It also expanded its product portfolio as well as its commercial offering by entering the Russian market and thereby becoming an international player in the compression business. Five years later, LandiRenzo signed an agreement with US company Clean Energy Fuels, creating a partnership destined to become a world leader in the compressor business with operational headquarters in Italy. 


The upward journey continues, under the banner of renewable energies and increasingly consolidating in foreign markets. SAFE’s driving force still lies in providing natural gas and safe applications to make a difference in people’s daily lives. In a not so distant future, the ongoing research and development of new technologies will arrive at a new source: hydrogen.


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A path inextricably linked to innovation and embodied in integrated solutions capable of satisfying Customers’ needs and anticipating the demands of the ever-changing market. In SAFE, besides focusing on technology, we invest heavily in human resources, the custodians of unique skills.

Experience means looking back at the Group’s history and recognising the valuable know-how that has been built up in the compressed gas sector, which is capable of generating competitive advantage in reaching the milestone of around 4000 installed compression units. Behind each customized solution there are professionals whose specific skills and individual abilities represent the greatest value for SAFE.