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CNG stations now also exist in self-service mode, ensuring high standards of safety and technology thanks to the solutions implemented by SAFE. The first two ENI-branded self-service stations are fully operational in Italy.

Customer request: Compressed Natural Gas distribution station in self service mode in compliance with current Italian legislation in order to ensure maximum safety in supplying gas.

Advantages and features of the SAFE solution:

• “In-house” technological innovation
Latest-generation dispensers: ESP model with NGV1 connection featuring two connections and two mass meters capable of measuring the actual mass of gas in Kg that is dispensed into the vehicle regardless of pressure, temperature and gas density values. Self-service dispensing is guaranteed by an automatic connection between the control point column and the ON/OFF button that controls the dispenser.

• Maximum simplicity in complete safety
➀ Creation of a control point whose location provides the user with a full overview of the dispensing system. This control point allows completely safe switching between self-service and service mode.
➁ A key was provided to enable or disable the on/off button connected to the dispenser head: the “remote” command sets the button to the “on” option, enabling self-service mode; conversely, the “local” command sets the button to the “off” option, disabling self-service mode.
➂ Correct and completely safe operation of refuelling is guaranteed by: signalling devices indicating correct use of the nozzle together with safety signs with a flow diagram, a plan of the distribution plant and emergency controls on the dispenser.






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