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Priority panel

Ancillary products.

The priority panel is the set of automatic valves and pressure sensors that, controlled by the PLC, detects the pressures of the plant and manages the filling sequence for the supply lines of the dispensers and storage sectors according to the preset sequence. Its function is to fill at maximum pressure on all lines, with priority for the high pressure – which guarantees the end of filling and therefore the possibility to disconnect the vehicle – then the medium, and finally the low pressure.


• It can be provided combined with a single compressor and therefore controlled by the same electrical panel. In this case, in a system with 2 compressors, they work independently of each other, each controlled by its own electrical panel.
• If there is just one panel serving more than one compressor, it is usually controlled by a station electrical panel that also controls the other auxiliary units of the plant.
• They can be single, double or triple line and are sized according to the maximum flow rate of the compressor or of the plant.
• It is designed to ensure maximum performance and efficiency in refuelling: electropneumatic actuators, pressure transducers, non-return, safety and interception valves, pressure indicators and discharge valves ensure the correct operation of the priority lines.




Number of lines

1, 2, 3 with the addition of a direct line

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