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Chiller: commercial gas cooling units

Ancillary products.


In modern installations for the sale of CNG to the public the volume of gas sold is managed and displayed in kg on the dispenser. Filling of the vehicle finishes when the flow in the mass meter of the dispenser reaches the minimum threshold because the vehicle pressure balances with the system pressure. Therefore, in order to increase the quantity in kg of gas supplied and increase the customer’s range, it is recommended to deliver colder gas in order to have – at the same pressure – a greater quantity of gas in kg. For this purpose, a refrigeration unit and gas-water heat exchangers are to be installed downstream of the storage units, on the supply lines to the dispensers, to cool the gas to 5 – 10°C from a temperature that would be approximately 10° above ambient temperature at the compressor outlet.

The system is equipped with


water tank

recirculation pump

heat exchangers

interception valves

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