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Integrated solutionsMRU EN

SAFE is a leader in the design of mobile refuelling units (MRUs) with a long track record: the first mobile unit actually dates back to 1992, in Egypt.

Since then, SAFE has continued to invest in the product: it has designed and manufactured two configurations, with hydraulic or mechanical compressor, capable of covering a wide range of vehicles, with the aim of minimizing refuelling times and guaranteeing maximum efficiency with minimum operating costs. This is all thanks to the priority panel, which manages the flow of natural gas from the storage cylinders to the filling points through the three pressure lines (low, medium and high).

This product is suitable for the European and American markets, guaranteed by CE and US Certifications.

An ideal solution for quick installation projects: implementation time is reduced by 3 times compared to the creation of a CNG station.

MRU advantages:

• High efficiency as a result of the high gas storage flow rate
• Maximum flexibility and versatility: The mobile solution is the fastest way to implement a network of CNG stations in a rapidly expanding market. The wide range of flow rates (up to 5,000 Sm3/hour) and the wide range of pressures in which the compressor unit operates allows the refuelling of any type of vehicle. Furthermore, it can be integrated with other mobile solutions when a large volume of gas storage is required for industrial purposes.
• An ultra-compact solution, containing not only the compressor unit (available with either electric motor or gas engine), but also all the accessories and auxiliaries, together with the electrical part and two filling points.
• 7sqm of fully functional area that guarantees high levels of performance, efficiency and availability with minimum operating costs. The gas engine version does not require any external generation sources since it operates with the same gas that it receives. A small “genset” installed inside the same enclosure produces only the electricity needed for the control panel and other electrical components.

• Mechanical or hydraulic compressor operating across a wide range of suction pressures (from 5 to 300 barG) with a maximum flow rate of 5,000 Sm3/h. The compressor unit is equipped with a cooling system installed inside the skid of the compressor unit and connected to an additional water-air cooler located on the enclosure.
Control and safety instrumentation, designed for safe area and equipped with a PLC with visual display, it performs the compressor unit’s operational control functions and is installed on the outside wall of the enclosure.
The enclosure has been designed to guarantee maximum safety and fast installation time: it is weather and soundproof, and comes complete with access doors. To allow rapid evacuation in the event of an accident, the doors are fitted with panic bars on the inside. In addition, a gas detection system inside ensures maximum safety during operation. To guarantee easy and quick installation, the enclosure is complete with anchor points that minimise the lifting and positioning operations on the trailer.
Priority panel: also installed inside the enclosure, it ensures the fast and efficient refuelling of any type of vehicle, managing the flow of natural gas from the cylinders (storage) to the refuelling points, through three pressure lines (low, medium and high).
Refuelling panel with 2 connections and mass meter that allows the gas sold to the end-user to be measured in kg.



Hydraulic or mechanical


Gas engine or electric motor


Up to 5,000 Sm3/h


From 5 to 300 barG


ESP high flow rate with electronic head and mass meter
Accuracy index ± 0.5 %
Maximum refuelling pressure: 250 barG


“Micromotion” (0.05% accuracy)




Electropneumatic with 3 pressure lines (low, medium and high) for efficient vehicle refuelling


Steel, weatherproof, consisting of two compartments: one for the mechanical components, the other for electrical and control components; it has anchorage points for quick and easy lifting.

Noise index

75dB(A) at 3 metres

Overall dimensions

7 sqm


Standard version for Safe Area; integrated PLC with visual display for management and display of alarms, operating parameters of the compressor unit and the total operating hours of the plant.





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