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All-in-one ENIntegrated solutions

All-in-one advantages:

Minimum footprint: All-in-One is effectively a CNG station designed to be contained within a single, fully operational enclosure that saves space compared to a traditional CNG station Inside it includes the compression train, the dryer, the storage, the priority and safety panel, the auxiliaries and electrical control panels together with all the accessories and auxiliaries.
Maximum flexibility and versatility: fully customizable based on Customer specifications. It can accommodate two refuelling connections with mass meter for any type of vehicle. This configuration is possible if it complies with local standards.
Performance: excellent performance, especially in high flow-rate situations, ideal in situations where there is a high gas demand.


Cabinet features

Two separate rooms: one for the compressor unit and the other for the electrical control panel

Power consumption (compressor) - kW

55 -> 400


Electric motor coupled directly to the compressor

Cooling system

Water-to-air cooling system (explosion proof version)

Dimensions - LxWxH


Suction pressure - barG

0.3 -> 70

Discharge pressure - barG

Up to 300

Flow rate - Sm3/hour

Up to 7.000

Degree of filtration of suction and discharge filters - µ


Cylinder packs – storage

18 (direct blow-down line included)

Priority and safety panel lines - #

Up to a maximum of 3

Type of dispenser

ESP with electronic head and mass meter

Operating temperature - °C




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