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The recovery and exploitation of landfill gas has a twofold environmental benefit: the greenhouse effect and the polluting effect of the gas are dramatically reduced and the treated gas is utilised through injection into the methane distribution networks. Landfill gas, i.e. gas produced by the anaerobic digestion of landfills, contains large amounts of methane (about 50%), carbon dioxide and many other polluting gases.

Through a purification process, a high quality methane stream (about 99%) can be separated from the landfill gas and upgraded by injection into the network or transported to locations that are not reached by the gas distribution network (virtual pipeline). In Italy it has been possible to exploit this process thanks to Decree 18/03/2018; many other EU countries apply similar legislation.

Customer request:

Suction pressure (barG)

6 -> 8

Suction temperature (°C)


Discharge pressure (barG)


Maximum flow rate required at 6 barG of suction pressure (Nm3/hour)


Advantages and features of the SAFE solution:

SAFE supplied a compression system for the production of 560 Nm3/hour of biomethane from process to gas grid conditions.

Compact turnkey solution: It consists of a SAFE ST series compressor and a control unit packaged in a metal container certified for the Italian market “Equivalence Grade 1”.

Efficient and flexible integrated solution: The compression module is fully integrated with the SCADA upgrade system (Modbus protocol). The controller is designed to regulate compressor speed (VFD) and recirculation frequency in order to efficiently deliver a gas flow adapted to upstream process conditions and to downstream gas network requirements.

Custom designed: The choice of compressor and package was designed not only to satisfy the process parameters, but also to optimise the overall dimensions while reducing both Customer CAPEX and OPEX.






Injection of Biomethane from landfill gas into the network

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