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Biomethane is obtained from the purification of biogas from which contaminants and CO2 are removed through a filtering system, resulting in methane with purity greater than 99%. SAFE technology, combined with the experience gained in the US market, enabled the implementation of this important example of decarbonisation and exploitation of OFMSW/SSO urban waste.

Customer request:

Compressor size

4500Nm3/h with a single compressor with large capacity to be regulated according to the biomethane flow rate

Turnkey solution

compressor module with metal enclosure

Standards and environmental conditions

application suitable for the US market and package suitable for severe environmental conditions (hurricane zone) with ASCE7-16 Certification

Advantages and features of the SAFE solution:

The solution developed is one of the biomethane compression systems with the highest capacity and installed power per compressor produced by SAFE. A soundproof and weatherproof Microbox M8 module was supplied, inside which an SW compressor was installed with direct coupling to the electric motor, as well as the control panel compartment created in safe area. A complete compression module for biomethane injection into the grid allows flexible management of the gas flow and enables integration into the biomethane production plant.

The compression system consists of an SW compressor capable of compressing the gas from 10 barG to 50 barG, reaching a maximum flow rate of 4,500 Nm3/hour. The flow-rate regulation range (0%-100%) is achieved through a VFD and recirculation line. The compression system was equipped with pulsation dampeners on the suction and discharge side of the compressor, thus ensuring effective control over the regulation of the biomethane flow rate. The compressor system is installed and integrated inside a Microbox M8 metal enclosure specifically designed for the severe wind conditions encountered in hurricane-prone climatic areas. The structure designed in this manner was also certified according to the ASCE7-16 standard.






Injection of biomethane from organic fraction OFMSW/SSO into the grid

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