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Not even the most innovative solution can be truly useful unless it is supported by a service to match the product. For this reason, at SAFE we place huge focus on technical assistance and the spare parts service, maintaining a constant dialogue with Customers and supporting them throughout the life cycle of the machine.


Support network


SAFE offers Customers a remote real-time monitoring and diagnostic service for all the parameters of the plant through a fast and easy system over a protected internet connection.

E-mail notifications on system status, based on both historical and current data. Automatic notifications sent whenever maintenance is required or in the event of an alarm

Multiple configurations specifying how to represent and display the data, with the possibility to easily download and export them to file. Possibility to view both active alarms and alarm history, even with the system offline

Overview of system performance through its parameters

Easy to use: 100% touch screen, viewable on PCs, tablets and smartphones

Possibility to change all the operating parameters of the system and to display data in real-time mode

Accessible 24/7 365 days a year


SAFE is permanently committed to training Service Centre Managers , spare parts Managers and Customers to enable them to get the most out of their solution. With this in mind, a comprehensive theoretical and practical training course has been designed on how to operate machines and systems efficiently, effectively and safely throughout their life cycle. It includes three levels:

Basic Level

In-depth study of the characteristics of natural gas, operating principles as well as maintenance and troubleshooting operations.

Intermediate Level

This consists of a training plan on invasive interventions aimed at resolving potential failures, setting failures and alarms, through to maintenance activities specified by the maintenance plan covering 4,000 hours of operation

Advanced Level

It includes lessons on the main stock of spare parts, the activities related to on-site installation – including installation and configuration of the SCADA system – as well as the activities for a general overhaul of the system.


The quality of SAFE services also applies to after-sales activities through an extensive worldwide presence developed through the establishment of SAFE Official Centres, which ensure a prompt response all over the world. The network of Service Centres consists of three levels:

First level

The first level, distributed and present locally, guarantees a stock of spare parts, a team of trained technicians and the ability to carry out planned maintenance activities.

Second level

The second level is distributed regionally and guarantees a stock of available spare parts together with a range of services, including the availability of SAFE certified technicians for planned maintenance operations.

Third level

The third level is represented by the HQ that guarantees, through coordination with the second level, the availability of a stock of spare parts, the presence of “senior” technicians trained periodically and who perform commissioning activities, plant start-up, as well as unplanned maintenance activities.