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For SAFE, being a sustainable organisation means allowing economic development and environmental protection coexist. Inspired by an ideal that sees the local territory as an extension of the company: land provides us with wellbeing and resources, SAFE is committed to delivering a better future.
Preserving natural heritage is a duty towards future generations, which is why the company and its products have certifications of proven sustainability. The earth provides renewable energy, and SAFE responds by deploying all its expertise for a cleaner world. Energies are renewable, our planet is not.


To help achieve the European Union's climate targets - which call for a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 - Gas for Climate proposes that at least 8% of the gas used in the EU by 2030 should be biomethane and at least 3% should be green hydrogen. In addition, the EBA report claims that by 2030 the biogas and biomethane sector will double in volume, and by 2050 it is estimated to quadruple. SAFE believes in an environmentally and competitively sustainable alternative and has been contributing to change for over 40 years.


Technology in the sense of innovation that is useful, intelligent and capable of making a difference in society. Building solutions inspired by the future allows a company to remain solidly at the cutting edge. SAFE solutions are able to respond to today's demands and anticipate the market's most ambitious requirements, while remaining true to its principles.

Worldwide service through remote monitoring of systems

High-efficiency compressors that operate in a wide range of conditions

Products designed to guarantee high levels of safety, reliability and availability

Safe’s motto “Maximizing flexibility and versatility” inspired the creation of a mobile CNG unit in 1992. This resulted in the first prototype of MRU, innovative and autonomous mobile refuelling station.

Innovation means working on specific objectives: optimizing performance, reducing consumption, respecting people and the environment, but also reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with transparent maintenance and management costs. In addition to investing in R&D and pioneering technical innovations, SAFE has an innate ability to innovate that makes it competitive, resilient and versatile.