Building on the experience of the past to optimise future development

In 2021, SAFE has chosen to focus on communication and marketing, opening up to the surrounding market and its economic players, from a perspective of network and brand awareness. This represents a natural step along a rising path driven by innovation. A constantly changing market requires constant monitoring, adaptation of language and identification of the inherent communication channels.

For this reason, SAFE has updated its online and offline image by working with a young company to develop a new communication strategy.

The online repositioning project has also involved social media: a presence on these platforms helps to push our developments forward by defining a path aimed at creating competitiveness, efficiency and value for the entire company system. For this reason, LinkedIn is more than a mere showcase. It is part of a well-defined marketing plan, in order to reach potential new audiences, create tighter links with industry players and convey the innovative aspects of our work.

The entire operation aims to transmit accumulated know-how and corporate purpose to strengthen the brand identity, also at international level. Actively engaging with the outside and positioning ourselves strategically in the digital world is a crucial step, both from a B2B and B2C perspective.